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Homeschooling Pioneers & Notable Figures
A Call to Righteousness
This essay by Michael Farris outlines why it is so important to fight for homeschool rights.
A Fifteen Year Perspective
When Michael Farris and Michael Smith founded Home School Legal Defense Association in March of 1983, home schooling was just a tiny blip on the education radar screen. The concept of parents teaching their children at home was relatively obscure, and the families who chose to follow this non-traditional education route were fairly certain to face opposition from the educational bureaucracy and following legal entanglements, as well as from their own friends and family.
Conversation with Michelle Wilbert: Living life "Close to the Root"
Helen Hegener
Michelle Wilbert is the author of a book sparking conversation among homeschoolers: Close to the Root: A Handbook of Simple, Sustainable and Earthy Alternatives for Family and Community Life.
Interview with David Albert
Kim O'Hara
David Albert is the author of the recently released book, And the Skylark Sings with Me: Adventures in Homeschooling and Community Based Education. He was interviewed by Kim O'Hara for Home Education Magazine.
Interview with Marty Layne
Helen Hegener
Homeschooling mother Marty Layne, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, author of Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling, has a perspective on homeschooling - and mothering - that we can all learn from, and she shares her unique perspective freely and openly with her readers.
John Holt and the Origins of Comtemporary Homeschooling
Patrick Farenga
Patrick Farenga's discussion of the role John Holt played in the evolution of the homeschooling movement.
Seelhoff vs. Welch: The Truth About cheryl
Shay Seaborne
An analysis of issues revolving around Cheryl Lindsey, Rick Seelhoff, and Sue Welch.
The African-American March in Homeschooling
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore shares his insight into the movement of African American homeschooling. Includes a wonderful retelling of his experience in a Texas court room when Helen Jackson, the plaintiff in a class action lawsuit, made her compelling case for educating her own children.

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